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We Handle All Aspects of Family Law

In our practice we concentrate on custody and visitation, but we also handle dissolution of the marriage, defense against domestic violence allegations (those that occur in the civil court), support; both child and spouse, move away petitions, among other aspects related to family law.

We Only Practice Family Law

In order to maintain what we feel to be one of the areas best law firms in the family law arena, we limit our practice to family law only. Family law has many moving parts and is complex. As new changes are definitions are made in family law it is important to be aware and move and grow with these changes to provide effective and realistic representation.

We Like Agreements

We like it when both parties realize that there is a "give and take" to any dispute that is need of a solution. We advise our clients that agreements (stipulations) are generally always the best practice. We also realize that it will take the cooperation of both parties to reach an agreement and if both parties are not in agreement you may need representation.

We Only Represent Dads

Dads are pretty special. As a father you do not want your children to be exposed to extensive and prolonged litigation. Fathers are often the person removed from the families and become an after thought in a custody matter. We believe in the preservation of access to both a mother and father in a child's life will give the child the best ability to thrive and become a successful adult.