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Spending time with your children is a gift and one of life's greatest joys. At Singer and Associates we believe that dads are pretty cool. 

Statistics show that the importance of having a father or father-figure in the home has become increasingly important. Children who have a father in their lives are less likely to engage in risky behaviors such as; sex at a much younger age, drugs, gang involvement, criminal activity, drop out of high school, teenage pregnancy, and now the newest studies show a link to mental disturbances.

That's why we believe that it is imperative to get an age appropriate custody and visitation schedule in place that ensures frequent contact to both parents.

Today's fathers will not settle for being an afterthought in the custody proceeding or a weekend parenting. Today's fathers is wanting and demanding to be an involved everyday type of father.

If you are getting unreasonable resistance to your desire to parent. If you feel you having a different experience in court than the other parent then call us for a consultation.
We only get one chance to raise our kids.