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There has been an increase in the filing of Domestic Violence Petitions over the last seven years in Sacramento County. Judges are predisposed to granting temporary relief to avoid potential violence. 

In actuality, a majority of all Domestic Violence Petitions are nothing more than disguised child custody petitions designed to lock the other party out of their custodial rights. 

Some have learned that the quickest way to gain custody is to file an alleged Domestic Violence Action regardless of the merits. This phenomenon is not likely to change soon because there are few repercussions for filing even if the petition is to be found disingenuous. You need to take swift, decisive action so that mediators and judges do not get pulled in to the falsehood.

A Fathers Custody Center has a strong and successful track record of exonerating father's from these serious charges and restoring fathers contact with their child or children.

Dishonesty and gullibility have no place at the child custody table. Call us today if you are facing this situation. You need adequate representation.