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A move away can be a complex legal situation that can have far reaching ramifications on your child. The consequences of a court's ruling in a move-away case can have a profound impact on both parents and their children. Move-away disputes typically arise where there is an existing child custody order and the custodial parent seeks permission to relocate the child to another metropolitan area.

Your Rights

Just because one parent has custody, it doesn't give them the right to change visitation arrangements due to relocating. The court must be involved and the prior agreement must be modified. There are many factors which need to be considered for a move away case.

If you are facing a move away matter that is before the court or you think that there is a possibility that the other parent may seek relocation with the child you need an attorney with experience in these areas. If this type of situation is mishandled, the long term effect can be devastating for the non-custodial parent and their relationship with the child.