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Fathers' Rights Attorneys Protecting You and Your Kids

We're a family law firm devoted to protecting the rights of fathers in disputes such as divorce, child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support and property division. Our attorneys have 40 years of combined experience, enabling us to successfully protect dads' rights in the Greater Sacramento and Solano County areas.

Our practice areas include: protecting fathers' rights in all aspects of divorce; representing fathers in difficult child custody and visitation disputes; child support matters; representing and counseling unmarried fathers in child custody and child support issues. We also help clients determine paternity. We assist in equitable division of marital property.

Why Fathers Matter

The evidence is overwhelming that children need both of their parents in their lives. At Singer & Associates Law Office, A Fathers Custody Center, Inc., with offices in Sacramento and Fairfield, we see more and more men who are refusing to settle for just writing a child support check and being a weekend father. We help these men protect their parental rights and maintain their relationships with their children.