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We Help Protect Your Parental Rights and Your Relationship with Your Child

As an unmarried father, you have parental rights. If you suspect you are going to be denied your right to visit your child or have a close relationship with your child, talk to a fathers' rights child custody attorney immediately. A child custody lawyer can help establish a visitation schedule or deal with related child support or relocation issues.

Emotions often run high in paternity and custody disputes. Our Sacramento, California law firm can help you understand the legal issues involved, clearly explain to you your options and help you make informed decisions about how to best proceed to protect yourself and your rights.


Singer & Associates Law Office, A Fathers Custody Center, Inc. helps unmarried fathers with a wide variety of legal concerns, including the following:

  • Establishing visitation rights
  • Arriving at a fair level of child support
  • Helping clients when the mother is relocating to another city or state
  • Establishing paternity
  • Post-relocation issues: after the mother of your child has left with the child, it is still possible to establish a long-distance visitation plan; we also help establish paternity in long-distance situations
  • Modifications of child support and child custody agreements

We Are Here To Help You

We want to help make sure children have access to both parents as much as possible. We know that honoring the parental rights of both parents makes for happier, healthier children. We strive to reduce friction between the involved parties. This often involves skillfully conducted negotiations that lower levels of conflict. When circumstances warrant it, we will not hesitate to be your legal advocate in court.