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What Newly Divorced Dads Should Know About Parenting Time & Holidays

If there’s one main thing you’ll learn about being a divorced dad, it’s that communicating with your ex is essential, no matter how difficult it is. Try to start your new life on a ...
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Should You Request an Ex Parte Child Custody Order?

Child custody agreements usually require lengthy, emotionally charged discussions, especially if the two parents are attempting mediation. It’s important to carefully think through every issue ...
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Exercising Parenting Rights Without Violating a Restraining Order

A restraining order isn’t just another piece of paper—it’s a legally binding and enforceable set of requirements. If you violate it, you could be arrested and charged. So what ...
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Are Child Support Orders Ever Suspended?

In nearly every case, parents must continue to make payments as specified by the child support order, regardless of changes in circumstances. Until the court officially modifies the order, parents ...
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What to Expect at the Courtroom

Courtroom appearances can be nerve-wracking, especially when a divorce or child custody litigation is at stake. It can be helpful to know what to expect when you arrive. Talk to your attorney about ...
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Served with a Temporary Restraining Order? Here's What to Do

Whether or not a temporary restraining order has been based on false allegations, you must obey it to the letter. You’ll have the chance to contest it later. In the meantime, violating any ...
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A Divorced Dad's Guide to Strong Parent-Child Relationships

Your marriage or domestic partnership may be over, but you’ll always be your child’s father. Your top priorities should be ensuring the health and welfare of your child, and building a ...
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Can My Ex Deny Visitation Because My Child Falls Ill?

Court orders are expected to be followed, but it’s important for both parents to remain flexible. Under the letter of the law, your ex does not have the legal right to violate a court-ordered ...
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Why Our Clients Chose Singer & Associates

Family law is among the most challenging areas of the legal field because emotions are tense, cases are contentious, and outcomes alter lives. Singer & Associates is the destination of choice for ...
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A Quick Child Support Tutorial

The primary concern in any child support case is to ensure that the child’s needs are met. A family law attorney can give you an estimate of how much you can expect to either receive or pay, ...
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Coming to Terms with Supervised Visitation

A family court judge can order supervised visitation if there is sufficient evidence to believe that the child’s welfare could be at risk without it. If the other parent has requested supervised ...
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Legal Rights of Fathers in California

Every child deserves a close relationship with loving parents, even if those parents aren’t living together. In California, the law presumes that fathers and mothers all have equal parenting ...
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Can I Vacate a Restraining Order Based on False Allegations?

In California, a person can ask the court to grant a temporary restraining order before a formal hearing is held. This means you can have a restraining order served on you before you have the ...
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Paternity Issues of Unmarried Fathers

A man is presumed to be a child’s legal father if he is married to the mother at the time of birth. Unmarried fathers have more complex legal issues to contend with, and it’s helpful for ...
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How to Recognize Parental Alienation

Child custody agreements usually stipulate that neither parent may disparage the other in front of the child. Since children are extremely impressionable, it isn’t difficult to influence them ...
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Essential Components of an Effective Parenting Plan

Effective parenting plans are ones that prevent future disputes, serve the child’s best interests, and support the child’s strong, healthy relationship with each parent. A parenting plan ...
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Our Unique Limited-Scope Representation Services

Fathers who are required to leave the family home, and face the prospect of paying child and spousal support, often think that it might be best to avoid hiring a family law lawyer because of the ...
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A Judge's Perspective on Restraining Orders

A restraining order is a legally enforceable document issued by a family law judge. It restrains the respondent to do or not do certain things, such as staying away from the protected person, moving ...
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Communication Tips for Successful Co-Parenting

Life after a divorce may not seem “normal” for your children for years. They’ll have to adjust to living in two different houses, rarely seeing their parents together, and spending ...
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Mistakes Fathers Make in Child Custody Cases

Unique facts and situations exist in every child custody case, but there are some commonalities, including the mistakes fathers frequently make. As a father, the law presumes that you have equal ...
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