Mistakes Fathers Make in Child Custody Cases

Unique facts and situations exist in every child custody case, but there are some commonalities, including the mistakes fathers frequently make. As a father, the law presumes that you have equal custody rights. But in actuality, some believe that mothers are statistically more likely to win custody. Fathers must be vigilant in following the advice of their family law lawyers to avoid inadvertently jeopardizing their child custody cases.

Discussing Relevant Issues Online

Regardless of how strict your privacy settings are, you should always assume that anything you post online could be seen by the mother, the law guardian of your children, and the judge. Never post anything about the pending case, your children, or their mother on any digital platform. The same rule applies to conversations. There’s no way to know what potentially harmful information could find its way to the mother’s lawyer, or worse, to your child. It’s best to avoid discussing the case with anyone except your family law attorney.

Using Confrontational Behavior

For the duration of the case, pretend as if your entire life is under a microscope. Anything you do and say in the presence of your children, their mother, other relatives, and mutual acquaintances could possibly affect your child custody case. Never behave in a way that could be interpreted as confrontational or aggressive, even if the mother tries to provoke an argument. However, do keep detailed, written records of all confrontational or uncooperative behavior by the mother, and share these notes with your lawyer.

Criticizing the Mother

It’s never healthy for the kids to hear one parent make disparaging comments about the other parent. It can damage your child custody case, but more importantly, it can negatively affect your children’s relationships with both of their parents. Similarly, never ask the kids to report on their mother’s activities or conversations, and don’t ask them to serve as messengers between the two of you.

Spending Little Time with the Kids

Judges rule on child custody cases based, in part, on what’s in the best interests of the children. One factor a court considers is how active the parents are in their children’s day to day lives. Your kids need lots of support during this difficult period in their lives, and spending lots of time with them will also benefit your case.

Here at Singer & Associates, we understand the considerable challenges that fathers face when trying to exercise their parental rights. Our family lawyers know that children need loving relationships with both parents, and we’ll go the extra mile to help your family secure a favorable custody arrangement. Call our law office in Sacramento, CA at (916) 922-5985.

The information presented in this article should not be construed to be formal legal advice by Singer & Associate Law Office, or the formation of a lawyer/client relationship. Because of the changing nature of this area of the law and the importance of individual facts, readers are encouraged to seek independent counsel for advice regarding their individual legal issues.

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