A Dad's Survival Guide to Pick-Up and Drop-Off Issues

Technology has made it easier than ever for divorced parents to communicate with each other about their children. Text messages, emails, and instant messaging apps make the communication less personal. But for better or worse, divorced parents will still have to see each other while picking up and dropping off the kids for visitation. Fathers’ rights attorneys recommend taking a proactive approach to dealing with common issues that can arise during this time.

Managing Transportation Logistics

Harmonious child exchanges begin with a bulletproof visitation order. Your parenting time plan should include an explanation of which party is responsible for arranging transportation, and how last minute changes in plans should be handled. Some parents decide to alternate transportation responsibilities. For example, when it’s your turn to see the kids, you’ll pick them up. When it’s time for them to go back to their mother’s home, she’ll pick them up.

Choosing an Appropriate Location

The location of the exchange can go a long way toward minimizing disputes. If you have a highly contentious, argumentative relationship with your ex, consider designating a local police precinct as the exchange point. There will be plenty of credible witnesses around if your ex decides to cause trouble. Otherwise, choose a neutral location like the school parking lot. Ideally, this is a temporary solution, and the relationship can stabilize to a point at which the children can be picked up at home. Assuming the children are old enough to walk outside by themselves, you might not necessarily have to see your ex at all during these times.

Agreeing on a Time

The parenting plan should specify the times of the exchanges. It’s your responsibility to get to the location on time, every time, or to notify your ex if you’re going to be late for any reason. The same applies to your ex. Being punctual can minimize potential disputes.

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