My Ex-Wife Keeps Making False Allegations. What Can I Do?

It’s a sad truth that many divorced couples can’t part ways peaceably. And it seems hard to understand how someone who was once in love with you could start treating you so badly. False allegations from your ex-wife can cause lasting, irreparable harm. You shouldn’t rely on the truth alone to protect you. Hire a fathers’ rights attorney promptly.

Documenting Every Detail

In any family law proceeding, keeping meticulous documentation is essential—even if you think you won’t need it. Keep detailed notes about every incident, including what was said, who said it, when it was said, and whether there were any witnesses. Type up your notes and email them to yourself to establish a time stamp (and email them to your attorney). It’s also a smart tactic to document positive incidents, such as the time you’ve spent taking care of and bonding with your children, and anything favorable your ex-wife has said about you. This can help contradict her false allegations.

Dealing with Restraining Orders Based on False Allegations

Your family lawyer can help you get a restraining order vacated based on false allegations. But in the meantime, you absolutely must follow the temporary restraining order to the letter. Violating any part of it could result in criminal contempt.

Filing a Lawsuit

Depending on the strength of the evidence of slander or libel, your attorney may recommend that you consider filing a lawsuit against your ex-wife. Slander is something that someone says about you that’s untrue. When it’s in print, it’s called libel.

Bringing Criminal Charges

In some cases, an ex may file a false police report. She might claim that the father has been abusive toward the children, for example. If yours has ever filed a false police report, this is a criminal offense. Consult your lawyer for guidance about criminal charges.

At Singer & Associates, our fathers’ rights attorneys routinely work with parents who have been kept away from their children because of false allegations. We firmly believe that every child has the right to fair, balanced time with both parents, and we’d like to help you find a favorable resolution. Call our law firm in Sacramento, CA at (916) 922-5985 to request a family law consult.

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