Work-Related Travel and Parenting Time

Work-related travel can be tough on parents, whether or not they’re divorced. After a divorce, it can disrupt an established parenting time schedule. If you already know that your job requires some traveling, you should inform your family lawyer. Your attorney can negotiate to make the parenting plan as flexible as possible to accommodate unexpected changes in either parent’s schedule. For instance, if you expect to miss a weekday visit with your child because of work-related travel, you should contact the other parent immediately. Give as much notice as possible, and agree to another visit time that works for both of you.

You may acquire a new job position at some point after the custody agreement is established by the court. It may be possible for you and the other parent to work out a verbal agreement, but this is shaky ground because it isn’t legally enforceable. Instead, talk to your child custody attorney about getting the parenting plan revised as needed.

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