Dads Matter

Under the letter of the law, moms and dads have equal rights to child custody and parenting time. But in actuality, dads are often denied parenting rights and balanced access to their kids. If this describes your situation, you should know that even after divorce, your presence in your child’s life plays a central role in your child’s healthy development and future.

Watch this video to hear from a group of men who all had different relationships with their own fathers. Some of them regret that their fathers weren’t more verbally expressive about their love for their families, and others regret that their dads weren’t fully present or engaged. The common theme is that every child craves a father’s attention and approval, and having those things (or not) will indeed shape that child’s future.

Here at Singer & Associates in Sacramento, CA, our firm belief that dads matter is reflected in all that we do. Call our father’s rights attorney at (916) 922-5985 to discuss divorce, child custody, or support.

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