Will a Restraining Order Be Included in a Criminal Record?

During a divorce, some individuals make false allegations in order to get a restraining order against their soon-to-be ex-spouse. This is an underhanded tactic commonly used to gain an advantage in a divorce proceeding, such as to obtain sole custody of the kids. Regardless of whether or not your ex secured a restraining order based on false allegations, it’s absolutely imperative that you abide by its requirements. Talk to a family law attorney, and find out how you can get the order vacated.

A restraining order isn’t a conviction. It isn’t even equivalent to an arrest. Because it’s a civil order, it doesn’t create a criminal record or add to an existing one. However, if you violate any requirement or restriction on the restraining order, this is a criminal offense, and it can indeed go on your criminal record.

Individuals who have been served with restraining orders are advised to seek legal help right away. Call (916) 922-5985 to request a consult with a family law attorney at Singer & Associates in Sacramento.

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