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At Singer & Associates, we have dedicated our practice to family law and divorce. What this means is that we are constantly working to stay up to date with the latest advances in the laws in the state of California which affect divorce cases and family law matters. With this focus, our Sacramento family law attorneys are able to offer our clients comprehensive services that can approach everything from a separation to a contested divorce. We understand that the disputes and problems you face can be extremely complex and want you to have our dedicated advocacy and support on your side.

Our practice areas include the following:

Customized Approach for Our Clients’ Needs

We recognize that every family law case is different, which means you need individualized representation and support. A one size fits all solution doesn't work for family law cases, especially in the event of a divorce. With more than three decades of combined experience in the field, we have set ourselves apart from other firms in the area with our caring and efficient approach.

If you are imagining that there is only one option for you: that your divorce will be contentious, it does not have to be this way. With our help, we can work to help you get through your divorce with as little conflict as possible. We work to be as responsive as possible to the individual situations you face, providing you with the level of representation you deserve. Call us today at (916) 922-5985 to set up an initial consultation or to learn how we can assist you.

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  • Our attorneys personally handle every case
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  • Our firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of all fathers
  • ​We provide vigorous representation for all family law cases