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When a party has reasonable and objective evidence that an emergency exists, they have the right to petition the court with a Fmaily Law Attorney on an ex parte basis. This allows the court to make temporary orders that remain in effect for a short period of time before an initial hearing can be held. The emergency situation must be based on evidence that shows of irreparable harm, immediate danger, or any other statutory basis for granting relief ex parte. Each court, and judge, has a different threshold for what they may or may not consider a true emergency. There are also very precise notice requirements that must be given to the other party prior to the hearing. Therefore, it is important to seek counsel from a Family Law Attorney with experience not only with different courts, but the family law judges of each county.

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Each case has unique facts and circumstances and this area of law is always changing. Readers are encouraged to seek independent legal advice regarding their individual situation and legal issues. Contact Singer & Associate Law Office to set up a consultation with a Family Law Attorney.

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